Over 25 years' recruitment experience at your disposal

Founded in 2010, by Gareth Oakley, the decision to ‘go it alone’ was based on over 10 years large and medium corporate experience and feeling we could do better (not just bigger).

Gareth built up his practice by taking best aspects of working within larger businesses (training frameworks, scalable processes, professional outlook), and leaving the lesser aspects at the front door (internal politics, high staff turnover, aggressive and revenue only related commission, database reliant practices, reactive techniques, lack of respect and ownership towards partners in the market).

Since inception, Barnes Frank has grown to be a stable and successful boutique practice, with offices in London and West Yorkshire.

By building a small but capable team, Barnes Frank now boasts over 25 years corporate and SME recruitment experience. 

Quality-lead search partners

We believe the key to successful campaigns is to pay close attention to the candidate journey. Our candidates receive some of the best insight, support and tailored coaching as part of their experience with us.

We make sure our senior consultants are always available and the candidates experience a personable ‘bespoke’ process.

We’ve noted that the success rate of campaigns is driven by the quality of the recruitment journey, and importantly the individual calibre of the consultant leading the campaigns.

‘Best in breed’ practices

Our unique approach and framework gives us access to candidates where other firms may not have. Many candidates now choose to hide their details on social media, the go to option for head-hunters now, so often great candidates are missed.

Our processes marry the benefits of working with a well-equipped toolkit of resources such as databases, social media, existing and strong internal networks, but crucially with the frequently undervalued scope of highly skilled consultants in our practice. We gain interest and influence where others fail. In a noisy recruitment industry, quality and relationships count.

Sector expertise

Our offering is market-focussed, so we are able to parachute into diverse and niche environments, making Barnes Frank an adaptable and thorough search partner. We are able to provide support and consultancy services to:

  • Private healthcare
  • Public health
  • Public services
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Private care
  • Start-ups
  • Acquisition and investor level appointments
  • Consultancy firms
  • Retail and other B2C sectors